A full day “World Class Spa Treatment” for your watercraft with an experienced detail technician trained in the latest, most comprehensive detailing procedures available exclusively at Classic Appreciation. Our goal is to make your boat look and feel brand new again, inside and out.

Complete Boat Detailing Package

  • We will start by washing and cleaning each and every surface inside and out; this includes the motor, out drive, underside, the trailer, seats & upholstery, cushions, carpets and/or hard floor, cup holders, instrument panel, storage compartments etc. 
  • Special low PH chemicals will used to remove scale from the hull, out drive and transom.
  • Let the boat dry completely.
  • Polish the exterior
  • Gel coat surfaces as necessary to remove light oxidation and scuffs. 
  • Entire exterior will be protected with high grade Carnauba Paste Wax applied with an orbital buffer.

Complete Boat Detailing Prices

  • Most Boats 12′ – 21′ (on trailer) $25-$30 / ft
  • Most Boats 22′ – 40′ (on trailer) $30-$40 / ft

Price may vary depending on condition and/or size of vehicle.

  • This package 8-10 hours minimum.
  • Flexibility of multiple days is best, but not required.
  • Over night drying required.