Classic Appreciation is now offering Extreme Wheel Cleaning! This wheel cleaning service will help you ensure your car has the cleanest wheels on the road! Your wheels will look outstanding inside and out!
  • We start by removing each wheel and cleaning each one inside and out; then, we hand wax each wheel with special Wheel Wax. 
  • We then re-install all four wheels and re-torque each lug nut to the proper specifications for your vehicle.

Our Extreme Wheel Clean helps:

  • Stop brake dust buildup
  • Eliminates chemical corrosion
  • Makes wheels much easier to clean

Extreme Wheel Clean and Wax

  • Starting at $50 per wheel
  • This package takes 2 hours minimum..

Price may vary depending on condition and/or size of each vehicle.

  • *Also ask us about painting your rotors and/or brake calipers*