Motorcycles have always been considered amazing to look at. Many people would say that riding a motorcycle is an invigorating experience. So we decided, why not feel good AND look good while riding? That’s why we created the Complete Motorcycle Detailing Package.

  •  Meticulous and comprehensive hand wash of the entire bike with special attention to all the intricate, hard to reach areas. Dry with chamois, soft towels and compressed air.
  • Hand rub surfaces with a clay bar and special lubricating spray to exfoliate and remove surface contaminants from painted areas.
  • Clean wheels and tires to restore original luster.
  • High speed polishing on some areas as needed to remove or minimize scratches and scuffs.
  • Polishing of all chrome, aluminum and painted surfaces with foam pad to maximize gloss and eliminate “swirl marks”.
  • Remove polish prior to waxing with clean micro fiber towels on foam orbital polisher pad.
  • Application of Carnauba Paste Wax to all surfaces by hand for enhanced gloss and durability.
  • Touch up paint chips and small scratches with matching paint.
  • Inspect and “final detail” using soft cloth and finishing brush to remove last specks of polish or wax residue.

Motorcycle Detailing Package

  • Most Motorcycles                      $200 – $350

Price may vary depending on condition and/or size as well as the amount of chrome and/or polished aluminum on vehicle.

  • Same day service available on most vehicles.
  • This package takes 6-7 hours minimum.